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Artifacts, Primary Source Documents, and other files.

America 1931-1941

US Government Documents (English). CAUTION: Potential for political and national bias depending on administration, administration period, and organizational bias.

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Quarterly Summary of the FBI National Defense Investigations Nov 15, 1940. (Part 1)

Results of Investigations into domestic presence and influence of

1.  Nazi German organizations and sympathizers.

2.  Communist Russian organizations and sympathizers.

3.  Fascist Italian organizations and sympathizers.

4.  Vichy French organizations and sympathizers.

5.  Imperial Japanese organizations and sympathizers.

6.  Falange Spanish organizations and sympathizers.

7.  Patriotic American organizations that can support FBI and national security.

8.  New Sabotage Devices,

9.  Sabotage Agents.

10.  Propaganda Agents and Fronts.

11.  Foreign born populations (German, Italian, Russian, French, Japanese, Latin American).

12.  Survey of US Law Enforcement Assets (Local and State Police, FBI Informants, other).

13.  Defense Plant Surveys.  

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Quarterly Summary of the FBI National Defense Investigations Nov 15, 1940. (Part 2 Charts)

Charts detailing organizations and population base of:

1.  Nazi German.

2.  Communist Russian.

3.  Fascist Italian.

4.  Vichy French.

5.  Imperial Japanese.

6.  Proposed FBI Wartime Organization.

7.  FBI Field Office Structure (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska) 

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